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More than ever, homeowners are "building out" their basements for more recreation and living quarters.  As part of this "build out", Egress Windows are being installed to protect their family while sleeping, playing or relaxing in the basement.  In some areas the municipalities are requiring Egress Window installation as part of the permit process when sleeping quarters are part of the proposed construction.

In most areas the Increase in Value of your home will exceed the cost of the Egress Window.

There is an ever increasing variety of Egress Window styles and sizes on the market.  The Window Wells or Basins also come in a variety of colors, sizes and styles.  Below you can view a few pictures of the the Egress Window and Window Well we most commonly install.  The Egress Window and Window Well you choose must meet or exceed the International Residential Code (IRC) 2006 Egress Code*.  We always suggest that the homeowner consider installing the largest "Sliding" Window and Window Well which is still aesthetically pleasing as part of your home.  This adds greatly to the ease in
exiting in the event of an emergency. 
*Please see the bottom of the page for highlights of IRC 2006, Section R310

Whether your home's foundation is poured concrete or concrete block, Seal Dry offers complete, professional installation of Egress Windows and Egress Window Wells!  Don't trust your foundation to just any contractor or handyman that claims they can do the work.  Be sure to hire a licensed and insured foundation repair expert when modifying your foundation.

Knowing your family is safe is the greatest benefit
an Egress Window can offer!


This Egress Window Well is 60" high, 78" wide, and 45" deep.
The built in stairway is much easier to climb then the common "ladders"
found in many Egress Window Wells.



This is a Egress Compliant Window.  3/4 " Insulated Low-E glass
is standard.  U - value of 0.37.
Frame dimension is 48" x 48".  It has a half screen which is
easily removed from the inside.
We've found the "Slider" Windows much easier to exit then
"In-swing" or "Hopper" Windows.
Fits perfectly inside the Window Well shown above.

48" x 48" Egress "Slider" Window Installed in concrete block wall.
Same as window in description above.


This is an actual Egress Window Well with the same
dimensions as the diagram shown above.
Installed in (Grosse Pointe) 

*Highlights of IRC 2006 Code, Section R310 

Sill height of window above floor, Not to exceed:                      44"

Minimum opening area:                                               > or =     5.7 sq. ft.
Minimum opening height:                                            > or =     24"
Minimum opening width:                                              > or =     20"

Window wells / Area Wells:

Horizontal dimension:                                                  > or  =    9.0 sq. ft.
Horizontal projection:                                                  > or  =     36"


Required on window wells deeper than 44" and must be permanently attached.
Ladder may encroach into well up to 6".
Step distance between rungs:    < or = 18" 
Rungs:    12" wide or greater and must project a minimum of 3" away from wall but maximum of 6".

Grates:    Shall be removable without special tools.

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