Seal Dry Basement Waterproofing Inc.
A Family Owned and Operated, Fully Licensed and Insured, Michigan Foundation Repair Contractor,
Servicing Oakland, Macomb, Wayne, Washtenaw, Livingston and St. Clair Counties
Outside Method, Exterior Waterproofing, Hand Dig Basements
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We Hand Dig!!!
By hand digging we mimize damage to your landscaping.  All work areas are carefully covered.  Bushes are removed and replaced wherever possible.  3/4 inch plywood runners are used to protect your yard.

After thoroughly inspecting your home and taking into consideration
several important factors:
a) actual cause of leak 
                              b) type and condition of foundation wall
     c) landscaping or decking
                              d) basement finished or unfinished, and
                e) the depth of your foundation
We may Suggest Our
"Outside Method" of Waterproofing.

Cost of an Exterior Waterproofing should range: 
$85 - $140 per linear foot

The major factors we consider when estimating are:

1. Length of total system to be installed.
2. Difficulty of Installation, primarily, how difficult will it be for our team to reach the footing of your foundation.

Of Course, All of Our Waterproofing Work is
Guaranteed for the Lifetime of your Home.
By Hand Digging, we preserve your lawn and landscaping.
The Actual Process:

1.  We Hand Dig Your Leaking Wall From Grade to Footing.

2.  Fill Dirt (Clay) is Hauled Away.

3.  Wall is Thoroughly Washed and Dried Exposing All Damaged Areas.

4.  Drain Tile is Checked and Replaced if Necessary.

5.  Cracks are Filled with Hydraulic Cement.

6.  Rod Holes are Packed with Cork, Caulk and Hydralic Cement.

7.  Trowel Grade Tar is Applied to Entire Exposed Area.

8.  Tar is Sealed with 8 mil Plastic Sheeting (or) Dimple Board.

9.  Wall is Back-Filled 50%-75% with 6a Washed Aggregate(stone).
Imperative step of the process.  Allows for increased drainage.

10.  Landscaping Mesh is Set Over Stone and Top Soil is Replaced.

Upon completion, our work area is thoroughly cleaned and
landscaping is replaced whenever possible.


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