Seal Dry Basement Waterproofing Inc.
A Family Owned and Operated, Fully Licensed and Insured, Michigan Foundation Repair Contractor,
Servicing Oakland, Macomb, Wayne, Washtenaw, Livingston and St. Clair Counties
Seal Dry Basement Waterproofing and Foundation Repair Contractor

Don't get screwed by Large Sales Commisions, Huge Advertising Budgets and Overhead.

Ask us How We Can Save You up to 30% From Large Franchises, B-Dry, Everdry and Instadry

A Note From The Owners (Alan & Chuck)

As Owners, Installers and Estimators we employ a hands on philosophy to our business.  By the very nature of their employment, salespeople must sell their products at the highest rate possible.  By removing this factor alone we can reduce your cost 15% or greater.  Most importantly, by being on-site throughout your job we can answer any questions that may arise, show you each step of the process as it occurs, and, as owners we are comfortable that each and every job was completed correctly.

As Owners, we are on-site from start to finish.  Waterproofing is commonly sight unseen.  Until we break ground or open a wall the exact problem is often unknown.  Chuck and/or Alan will be at your home working alongside our crew.   Our crew is very loyal, dependable, knowledgeable, safety conscious and committed to completing the job timely and correctly.  Almost every customer compliments our team on their hard work and efficiency.

We take a "No Nonsense" approach to our business.  We don't practice over-selling or over-pricing techniques.  We feel it is important to inform our customers of the actual problem affecting their home and our process to correct the problem.  In most cases, we won't sell preventative waterproofing for an existing home.  If it doesn't leak, don't fix it.  Only homeowners finishing their basement in the near future should consider waterproofing a potentially problem area.  Basement waterproofing is 99% common sense and new patented, so-called state of the art procedures soon fall by the wayside to good old fashion hard work.  Once we direct the water out or away from your home, not allowing it to enter your living space the problem is fixed.

We do not employ Salespeople.  As owners, we run all the estimates, personally.  Many local companies and virtually every franchised company employ a sales staff.  These salespeople sell on commission and earn more money by charging you, the customer, the highest rates they can get away with.  Unfortunately you will likely never see this salesperson again.

We do not hire Sub-Contractors.  Again, it is not uncommon for our competition to hire outside companies, like ours, to do their waterproofing work.  Unfortunately for their customers they have less control over the quality of work and, of course, they have to charge more so the sub-contractor can make a profit as well.  We work one job through completion at a time.

Co's who insist their method is the only way correct your problem.
We believe our materials, our staff and our hands-on approach
are superior to our competition's.
However, in general, most reputable companies use the same, proven methods of interior and exterior waterproofing.

Co's who claim you MUST waterproof the entire perimeter of your basement
when only a small area is affected. 
Although complete waterproofing is sometimes preferred, correcting one area CANNOT cause another wall or area to leak.

Any Waterproofing Bid over $5000.
90% of homes can be waterproofed and guaranteed for $1500 - $4500.  Depending on your unique circumstance the work could exceed this amount but just be sure to get three or more estimates to be sure this much work is absolutely necessary.

Any company /salesperson who, on their initial visit, want you to sign anything,
request a deposit, claim that discount is only available today!

There must be something they don't want you to find out.  As a for-profit company, we would all like to make the sale today, however, this type of pressure doesn't allow the customer ample time to make a decision they will be comfortable for years to come. 

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